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Samantha and her mother moves to a secluded town far from Manila, Philippines. Everything seems normal, when she gradually discovers mysterious things happening inside the town; one of which, is a series of unsolved gruesome crimes. Because of her late father's influence, she tries to investigate the mysteries of the town.


  • Three possible endings.
  • Problem / Code Solving included.
  • Original Illustrations of the Dead Siren Characters.

At least 1 hour of play time.

Based On: "Game Over" written by Fuurinkazan (Tatsumi).

Inspired from: Stephen King's "The Cell" and Konami's "Silent Hill".


Lead Developer and Programming: Tatsumi

Main Title Music Score: Tatsumi

Voice Actress (Commercial Version): 

  • Samantha, voiced by ANGIE.

Character Art: Dayle PD (https://www.facebook.com/dayleworks/)

Background Art:

Music and Sound Effects:

Engine: RENPY

Special Thanks: Tom "PyTom" Rothamel


Dead Siren 1.0, no voice. Earliest Build. - FREE

Dead Siren 2.0, with voice. Current Build, 2019. - PAID. If you wish to play it with the voiced scenes, please please please do, buy this version!


Please be aware that these (VOICES) are exclusive to Dead Siren only.

Copying, reproducing or using these voices for a different game is PROHIBITED.


Producer: Sylphonia Video Games Production
Voice Actress (Samantha): ANGIE


Available for both Windows, Linux and Mac versions.


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DeadSiren-2.0-pc.zip 74 MB
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DeadSiren-2.0-mac.zip 57 MB
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I'm trying this game TODAY!!! I'm so Happt that, I'll try it!!! AHHHH!! :D

Finally had time to try this game! Exciting story, gz on this good job ^^

Thank you very much! I hope the game give you the creeps and the relief ^^

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Hey there, I'm currently stuck on the Fisherman's riddle, the only two things I could think that the answer could be is either something related to the capital letters in Juliet's poem "This Town is Boring by Boringus Papayrus" or something to do with the numbers and letters "4411 LLRR" that one sees earlier when on the rooftop. Certain that by solving it would lead to the third and best ending of the current build of the game. Any help would be appreciated! ^o^

Hi FlareBlitzed! Indeed! The Cruel Fisherman's Riddle has something to do with Juliet's Poem. The clue there is that she made a certain pattern of code in her poem, where she capitalized the letters of the two words that gives you the riddle's solution. The first letter of the first word is C and the first letter of the second word is G. The 4411 LLRR is a solution to a lock right after you solved the riddle. I hope that helps! Lemme know if you need more things ^^ Thank you for playing the game.

Plenty of help thank you! :D

Enjoyed watching the playthrough! I'll consider your review on the character illustrations by the way. We might be revising the whole character set someday. More power to your channel and I asked a few of my friends to watch. Love your channel <3 Thank you very much.

Aww I'm flattered, thank you for your kind words! ^^

Hoping you'd have the time to try our upcoming games. These games were actually started to be developed way back, but because we had it stored for quite a long time before we got it finished, we are just posting them now. Again, thank you very much for all the time you've spent trying out our work. Hoping for the best for you in your LP videos <3